Speak At Leanconf 2016

Still want to speak at Leanconf?

Even though applications for speakers has already closed there is still a way to speak at Leanconf 2016.

The Leancamp unconference on day 3 (23rd April) is open to anyone to speak. Buy a ticket and speak then.

About Leanconf

Leanconf is Europe’s largest Lean Startup conference. It will take place 21 -23 April 2016 in Manchester. It will be a great opportunity to connect with 500 passionate Lean Startup practitioners.

This year the event will be divided into two streams based around our two main audience types.

  • Lean Startups (Entrepreneurs, startups, founders, bootstrappers).
  • Lean Enterprise (corporate innovators and intraprenuers, larger organisations looking to innovate like startups).

If you feel like you may have something to share then please consider running a session.

Guidelines for running a session

Session Types

  • Show & Tell
  • Open Interview
  • Ask an Expert
  • Fishbowl
  • Tag Team
  • Group Advice
  • Idea Storm

For more details you can go to this page (scroll to the bottom) and learn about session types.

Good Topics

We have a few topic areas that we like and questions that could be answered.

  • Lean Startup methods used in "the wild". Lessons learnt etc.
  • Customer development, How can I get new products, services, and projects to market more quickly? How can I get better at Customer Development?
  • Effective experiments: How can I design a good experiment?
  • Product Market Fit war stories. Making sticky products. Making products people love.
  • Metric & Lean Analytics: How can I setup a data-driven approach to my project?
  • Advanced uses of Lean Startup.
  • Lean Enterprise: Driving change within the Enterprise, How can I convince my leaders and managers to support entrepreneurial methods? How can I set my teams up to act like startups in a cross-functional style? How can I create a sandbox for innovation with my organisation without putting my core business in jeopardy?
  • Creating good MVPs, Experiment prioritisation.
  • Lean Product Management, Lean Branding.
  • Lean Startup at not-for-profit or non-tech.
  • Related topics: Growth Hacking / Lean Marketing.

Best thing is to look at our past speakers in 2013 or 2014 or the latest Lean Startup Conference.

Things we like

  • Highly actionable talks with insight and a good story. We want talks that are deeply practical and applicable stories and experiences. Ideally all lessons should be backed up with real world examples.
  • Lean Startup related talks - When we say Lean Startup we mean the principles outlined in Eric Ries’ book “The Lean Startup”.
  • However, talks highly relevant talks to our audience will also be considered.

Things we don’t like

  • Overly promotional and pitchy talks. We don’t want startup/product pitches. However if your product is the case study with practical tips and lessons learned then that’s fine.
  • Talks on how great Lean Startup is. We want practical advice.

If you would like to bounce ideas off us then email. We are more than happy to help.