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Sponsor the largest gathering of the Lean Startup community in Europe.

Sponsoring Leanconf will connect your brand with the brightest Lean Startup minds in Europe and a rapidly growing startup & innovation community

Benefits of sponsorship?

We are in a unique and pioneering position of being the first and largest Lean Startup conference in Europe. Which means Leanconf stands out in a crowded conference market.

Brand awareness

Showcase your brand to a large number of passionate, enthusiastic and influential entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

  • attendees at the conference
  • thousands of unique visitors to the site a month from the US, UK and Europe.

Employer opportunities

While some of our audience will be startups and focused on their own projects a lot of our audience are consultants, product managers, designers and developers.

This is an rare opportunity to find people with an entrepreneurial spirit, who can fill roles and drive innovation.

Community supporters

Position your company as a supporter of the local startup and technology community. Your company will get also get visibility and credibility as a champion of startup communities.

Access to customers

Access to decision-makers, startup founders and influencers in the startup world.

Showcase your brand or product and build relationships.

Who Attends?

Leanconf is aimed at two distinct audiences.

  1. Startup Founders & Entrepreneurs
  2. Intraprenuers or innovators who want to innovate like a startup within an existing organisation.

We attract a large range of people including product managers looking to adopt Lean Startup principles, designers interested in Lean UX, investors, startup accelerators, university lecturers and educators who are interested in teaching cutting edge entrepreneurial techniques.

We expect 500 attendees with the following job titles:

CEO / Founder Web Designer/Developer Product Manager Consultant UX Designer Head/Director/VP Product Investor CTO/VP Engineering Director