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Leanconf has two tracks: the Lean Startup track and Lean Enterprise track. Our flexible ticket structure lets you immerse yourself in the whole event or just the days most relevant to you.

Ticket Type Price Quantity
Digital Ticket
Online Digital ticket - Conference Day
Donation ( £25 Suggested / £10 Min.)
  • Exclusive 6 months access to the 2016 videos after the event (1 week afterwards). Thats 13 videos, including our 2 keynotes
  • A warm fuzzy feeling by supporting a grassroots, not-for-profit community event
£25 Suggested / £10 Min ×
Day One (April 21st) - Workshops day Ended
Day Two (April 22nd) - Two Track Conference Day Ended
Day Three (April 23rd) - Unconference Day Ended

"Amazing speakers and talks. Incredible work team @LeanConf #LeanConf"

Rubygem 089120cbcd6c896a5488afdc06d1f16e625f44b7e12433880569808d62e0fdff Gemma Cameron, Hack Manchester

"#leanconf is great - a really engaged audience from around the world sharing and learning about lean startup experiences."

Martin bryant 330dfd0c7cb8fdac6d951acac81d3325a3516b54fb700eff929bd5a2fb532f48 Martin Bryant, Editor-in-Chief at The Next Web‏

"I can’t recommend #Leanconf enough, and I honestly think its the best event I’ve been to in recent years."

Mathew whetton 9c5980b712eaf0e8f684b141f0f9036270b3e655760cc421d457aee688aedb84 Matthew Whetton, Leanconf Attendee ‏