Workshop: Customer Development: That’s Not What Your Customer Meant

Customer Development Workshop with Cindy Alvarez

“Getting out of the building” is a great first step. But to some degree, what we hear and observe is what we want to. Confirmation biases are our brains’ hacks for assimilating the millions of pieces of information we encounter each minute. But they are an obstacle to rigorously invalidating our hypotheses!

In this full day workshop, I’ll walk through common confirmation biases and how to overcome them. We’ll walk through exercises on:

  • writing unbiased questions
  • correcting for preconceived impressions
  • five whys (without sounding like a jerk)

This is an full-day workshop (including breaks) aimed at startups, medium-to-large enterprise and government attendees.

This is a unique opportunity to get hands on tuition from the author of Lean Customer Development

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Cindy Alvarez

Director of UX at Yammer, Microsoft

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