Workshop: The official Leader's Guide workshop developed in partnership with Eric Ries

The Leader's Guide with Martina Hodges-Schell & Mary Baldwin from Pivotal Labs

Since his record-breaking Kickstarter campaign in March of this year, Eric Ries has been hard at work assembling the Lean Startup Leader's Guide — the first-ever collection of the techniques and lessons he has learned first-hand from GE, Intuit, and dozens of other Lean Startup. This is the official Leader's Guide workshop developed in partnership with Eric Ries. A hands-on (and minds-on) set of nine working sessions that activate most important lessons from the book.

This workshop is for any leader, team, or company wanting to embrace Lean Startup.

In this workshop, we will cover 9 critical steps to implementing Lean Startup in your organization, with activities in each to put these concepts to practical use. As Eric says, “All of these ideas and concepts are academic exercises until your own resources or jobs are on the line,” so please bring a real-world situation that you would like to work on during the day. It can come from your day job, your side hustle, or your volunteer work.

Part 1: Culture

  • How to refocus on what matters: your vision is your destination.
  • How to lead: entrepreneurship is management.
  • How to set up teams to be efficient and successful: startup teams are collaborative, cross-functional, and fully dedicated.

Part 2: Process

  • How to do it: Lean Startup experimentation basics.
  • How to get good results: what customers do is more important than what they say.
  • How to be efficient: remove any feature, process or effort that does not directly contribute to the learning you seek.

Part 3: Accountability

  • How to monitor progress: innovation begins with accountability.
  • How to manage risk: startup speed is about learning faster.
  • How to measure effectiveness: innovation accounting is the way to translate learning into financial terms.
Martina 3e67083fb44fa97a084327e68736aa74dbc4fa44d0bb7296260dd0950a0a73e0

Martina Hodges Schell

Associate Director, Design at Pivotal Labs

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Mary Baldwin

Practice Lead, Product Management at Pivotal Labs

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