Workshop: Lean Analytics: Using Data to Build a Better Business Faster

Lean Analytics Workshop by Alistair Croll

At the core of Lean Startup approaches is a continuous cycle of measurement and learning. But what should you measure?

To find the right metric, you need to understand the stage you’re at and the business model you’re in, as well as where to draw the line so you know when to cut your losses—and when to step on the gas.

This is an 8-hour workshop (including breaks) aimed at startups, medium-to-large enterprise and government attendees.

This session is based on the sold-out all-day workshop that has been run at every Lean Startup conference so far.

It offers a straightforward framework for understanding your business model and stage of growth, then assigning the right metrics and experiments to move forward.

Based on interviews with over 130 founders, investors, and analysts, the talk is packed with concrete steps, real numbers, and hard-won lessons about innovation for organizations of all sizes.

Alistair has tailored this workshop to suit not only early-stage companies, but also the specific challenges of larger organizations working outside the world’s technology hubs, providing dozens of tips and tricks that get companies innovating and testing their assumptions quickly.

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