Robbert van Geldrop

Robbert van Geldrop

Partner at Firmhouse

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Leanconf says...

"As well as giving a presentation on experiment design Robbert will be sticking around for Leancamp to run a Playing Lean session.

Playing Lean is a Lean Startup board game that helps to sumulate the experience of launching a successful product."

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Experiment Design for Lean Startups

Startup founders often struggle to get going with Lean Startup. Firmhouse has been specializing in the craft of designing the right experiments and prioritizing on the riskiest parts of your startup business. Bob and Robbert are both entrepreneurs and are enrolled as mentors in many Dutch accelerators, incubators and such. We've been specializing in Experiment Design for Lean Startup throughout the years. The presentation sketches a path from Customer Discovery to Confirmation Experiments to an MVP.

This talk will cover: A complete overview of possible experiments startup founders can execute to test their ideas and assumptions, learning how to prioritize and how to design a suitable experiment and examples from other startups straight from Bob & Robbert's practice as mentors.

  1. A complete overview of possible experiments startup founders can execute to test their ideas and assumptions.
  2. Learning how to prioritize and how to design a suitable experiment.
  3. Examples from other startups straight from Bob & Robbert's practice as mentors.

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Playing Lean @ Leanconf

Playing Lean is our "flight simulator" for innovation and Lean Startup. Examples of Dutch participants: "Game helps reflect on reality.", "It was a lot of fun and gave good insights in the lean startup method.", "Good to learn the basic principles of how to build a lean startup by doing a board game."

About Robbert van Geldrop

Robbert van Geldrop is an entrepreneur and software developer, who founded BackupAgent as a student in 2004. This online backup software company grew rapidly and raised several rounds of funding after which it was acquired by Acronis in 2014. In the course of growing his company, Robbert also founded the first Lean Startup Circle meetup group in continental Europe in an effort to create closer ties with other entrepreneurs facing the though challenges of building a business. Today this community has over 1200 members. As such he’s enrolled as a mentor at many Dutch accelerator programs, including YES!Delft, Rockstart, Utrecht Inc, Startup Weekend and more. Recently, Robbert joined Firmhouse as a partner to create new ventures.

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